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Strategic Consulting

Our specialist personnel provide advice on ICT systems to support you in meeting your organisation's goals, including decisions on: hardware and software solutions; licensing and integration; social media; communications and collaboration strategies; whole-of-organisation software systems and strategies; and teaching and learning solutions.


Software Solutions

We develop, integrate and customise software solutions including: bespoke software development; websites; and integration and customisation of industry-standard software for organisations and learning management.



Abilityware is software range developed to support communication, productivity and collaboration . Abilityware provides organisations with innovative and affordable software solutions and smartphone applications that are practical and affordable in a range of settings.


Learnability Professional Development

Learnability Professional Development provides high-quality professional learning for schools based on current educational theory and practice. We facilitate professional learning for school development days, staff meetings, network meetings, conferences and other events.


Education systems and schools have long recognised the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to transform learning and teaching. Technology devices and infrastructure are now embedded in the operation of schools and increasingly becoming standard tools in the teaching and learning process.

The place of ICT in K-12 education in Australia is recognised both in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Curriculum. The value add that computer-aided instruction provides to student learning is increasingly apparent in the research. As far as the use of ICT in schools goes, we have gone beyond the tipping point. There is no turning back.

The questions now are:

  • how do schools harness the power of ICT?
  • how can school leaders ensure each school and school network becomes a successful user of technology to enhance teaching and learning?

Theme Solutions can help your school answer these questions by offering an integrated package of consultative professional services including:

  • support for planning and implementing sustainable technology-rich schools
  • professional learning for whole-school and in-class implementation of technology to enhance learning
  • coaching and mentoring, including shoulder-to-shoulder support
  • expert analysis and advice on your school’s technical environment
  • review and guidance on accountability and financial sustainability.

To learn more, click on the links below to learn more download our brochure, Creating the technology-rich school, or contact us directly: Andrew Thompson: 0411 537 850 or andrew.thompson@themesolutions.com.au John Leaf: 0421 098 579 or john.leaf@themesolutions.com.au

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